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This subscription is perfect for the white wines lovers! Subscribers get exclusive membership discounts and free shipping every time. Each delivery includes 3 bottles of Bright & Crisp (sauvignon blanc) & 3 bottles of Rich & Oaky (chardonnay).


2018 Sauvignon blanc, Villebois Winery, Loire Valley, France. Limited Production.

100% Vegan & Sustainably Farmed.

As the name implies, this lovely Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley is quite simply very refreshing and well, crisp. It’s also a refreshing (pun intended) take on the classic Sauv Blanc from CA or New Zealand. We like to think of it as a more approachable Sancerre with a much friendlier price tag as well.

Food pairing: Check the back label ;) Sushi, pasta and avocado


2018 Chardonnay, Central Coast, CA. Limited Production.

100% Vegan & Sustainably Farmed.

Chardonnays have a bad rep…we get it. Most of them are butter bombs with too much oak and let’s face it, that’s not how most of us like our Chardonnays. The good news is we worked hard to make a really well balanced Chardonnay, with some oak (not too much) and nice acidity to complement it. Oaky Chardonnay drinkers love it (obviously) but most non-Chardonnay lovers are also pleasantly surprised by this one.

Food pairing: Check the back label ;) Ramen, popcorn and fish.

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