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Obvious Wines

The Story

Born in Venice Beach, California.

A reformed “wine-snob” originally from Champagne, France, founder Brice Baillie started to find a deep appreciation for American wines after relocating to California in 2015. Spending more time with American friends and his new family (his wife Nasha is American), he noticed a gap between an overall growing interest and love for wines, yet high level of intimidation towards selecting and discussing wine.

He then decided to create a unique collection that would reunite super high quality wines, respectful production and growing practices, and simple, approachable and helpful labels.

Starting out by cold calling wineries in California, he identified a few wineries that were open to partnerships and met the fundamental Obvious Wines criteria:

High quality & Transparency

Estate grown & bottled, experienced winemakers

Environment-friendly practices

Sustainably farmed, eco-bottles, carbon-free corks

Then, by hosting wine tastings amongst friends in his home, Brice was able to select the first wine of the collection through direct consumer feedback. Once a wine was selected, more tastings were held to help identify the most descriptive and relevant details for the labels.

Consumers chose and named the wine themselves!

From there, the Obvious Wines Sales team began going door-to-door, selling the wines directly to retail stores in the LA market to test the concept. Feedback (and Sales!) being very positive, the team is now starting to grow!

Obvious Wines is currently distributed in CA, CO, TX, TN, GA, FL, VA, NC. More states to come! 


Discover the story and vision of Obvious Wines in this interview: 

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