La Chardoisie Winery

Grape fields of La Chardoisie Winery in the daylight
Close up of green grapes at La Chardoisie Winery

It all started in 2016 when Alberto Tonetto spotted a small well-run local winery in the Touraine region. The owner at the time established himself with a long tradition of producing the finest local Sauvignon Blanc wines however, he lacked a successor.

Alberto grew up from a little growers family from Treviso in northeastern Italy, nestled between the Alps and the Venice lagoon. His love for the vines and the sensibility for the environment were passed on through his grandfather's. He also discovered the charm and the secrets of the winemaking very soon when he started one of the most focused agricultural high school in Europe. Since he was a little boy, he learned to be a passionate vine grower and he kept studying up to obtain a double master's degree in Torino and Bordeaux.

After several experiences in France, Italy, and abroad, Alberto recognized that in the Loire Valley he'll have a golden opportunity to produce some of the best Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines in the world as well as high-quality sparkling wines under the Cremant de Loire appellations made with the traditional method.

With his respect for the traditions, a pinch of creativity, and the support of all his friends spread all over the world, Alberto began La Chardoisie adventure.